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weeding tools

Weeding is an important part of gardening which is not considered as such a fun thing. Although, the right kind of weeding tools makes gardening a lot quicker as well as easier. When conducting weeding, it is important to pull out the entire root of the plant, whether herb or shrub. Such works become simpler with the right tools. Weeding with the appropriate tools is quite safer rather than inducing into herbicides that are available in plenty in the market. Make sure that the weeds are removed earlier before they’ve attained a comfortable home in your garden.

There are several ways to get the weeds removed from your home or even garden lawn. It depends entirely on the kind of weed as well as the number that are actually present in your garden. Also, you can try hand pulling the weeds at any time, however here too you require the assistance of best tools for weeding that ensures proper removal.

When the soil is moist, the hoe serves as an effective gardening tool for removing the smaller weeds. The hoe can be simply moved across the soil in an effortless manner. The roots of the smaller weeds eventually dry up as a result of exposure to the surface. These weeding tools are available in long-handled and even short handled style, both being equally effective. The short-handled weeding tool requires bending over your knees for some time however the long-handled ones can be used while standing as well. A file is required to be used to ensure that a sharp edge is maintained.

As there are several kinds of hoes for weeding, gardeners generally have their own choice for the most appropriate one. However, since there are no best tools for weeding that can be stated for this equipment, those who indulge into gardening can check to see which of these hoe style make you feel that you could do the task forever.

Warren hoe – The tool has a pointed heart-shaped blade, the can be used to create furrows. These are suitable for small weeds as well weeding between rows.

Draw hoe – This is the most common flat-bladed hoe variety that works appropriately when pulled out. You can actually create longer rows that work between the vegetable crops.

Dutch hoe – It assists in cutting weeds on the surface in suitable push/pull activity. This kind of equipment is quite simple to use that covers a greater area.

Fiskars UpRoot
A stainless steel weeding tool from Fiskars known as UpRoot Weed & Root Remover offers extensive facility of weeding tools for flower beds. The tool is beneficial to grab the roots of weeds with its serrated steel claws. The weeder is quite light in weight which removes the roots easily without the need of removing them by hand. It is a great tool for weeds such as thistles and dandelions.

The equipment comes in both versions of short as well as long handled, with a narrow hook-shaped blade that have the ability to grab weeds without causing any effect on other plants. CobraHead works quite well on spurge, dandelions and purselane which cut through the ground to pull out the weeds. However, those weeds that cannot be simply pulled out using this process can be easily cut off below the soil using the CobraHead blade.

Flame Weeder
These weeding tools run on propane and are efficient to kill weeds by generating intense heat. Such tools are suitable for weeding those areas that are difficult to be weed easily like pavements, rock gardens or even against walls, which does not require digging. These can be carried quite easily with just a propane tank and hose. No chemicals are needed to conduct any of the process. You can simply aim and fire, which dries out unwanted weeds. Certain weeds like dandelions may require another treatment.

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