Squash Bugs – how to get rid of squash bugs

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Squash bugs are among the most common garden bugs which are responsible for attacking and destroying squash plants .They also attack the “cucurbits” such as the cucumber and the pumpkin. The adult and the nymphs are capable of sucking the life off the plants thus leaving them to wilt.

The Anasa tritis popularly known as the squash bugs can become a persistent problem in our garden because they weaken plants by sucking the sap from the plant leaves .The leaves once devoid of sap usually turns brown. If the infestation is severe it may cause the plant to wither away.

The best time to get rid of these insects is during the spring and they should be controlled before they grow into adults.

Early Detection
If you are planning to win the war against bug infestation then it is very important to detect them during the early stages because it will be more difficult to eradicate them once they multiply. Their eggs are mostly found on the lower part of the leaves so the best way to control the bugs is to collect and destroy the larvae.

Squash bugs are usually whitish green in color and have no wing. However they have legs .They take around 6 weeks to mature and then become an adult. The eggs are usually found on the lower side of the leaves till the midsummer. They usually remain in cluster beneath the foliage. The bugs are also found on vines and unripe fruits.

Getting Rid Of These Pests
The insecticides can be one of the best option to get rid of bugs. Some of the most well known insecticides are the bifenthrin and the carbaryl, and they are more effective when the bugs are at nymph stage. Use the insecticides according to the instruction printed on the bottle. The spray should be applied on the lower part of the leaves. The spray can also be applied during the early morning and during the night when the bees are less active.

You can also get a bowl of soapy water and then knock the bugs from the leaves on the bowl. The small squash bugs are easily killed by this method.

Neem oil is also very effective for the squash bugs. You can apply the neem oil after the sunset or during the early morning. Make sure to apply them on the lower part of the leaves
Another popular way to get rid of the squash bugs is by placing newspaper on the ground around the plant. You can easily see them when they drop, then you can squash the bugs.

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