Indoor Gardening – How to Start an Indoor Garden

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Have you always wondered How to start an indoor garden? It’s a very interesting and thrilling idea for many who want to take the first step towards self reliance as far as growing your own food goes. Indoor gardening generally means it would be a small scale operation and many are more comfortable with this approach, at least for a start.

There could be other factors which leave you no option but to opt for the indoor planting such as where you live, or if you don’t have a backyard. Starting a small garden in your house or on your balcony is a great way to experience this kind of life style.

Imagine growing fresh vegetables, tomatoes, onions, spinach all fresh. Its an exhilarating feeling to reap the benefits of your labour. And I think food tastes even better when you eat what you planted in the earth and nurtured it until it provided food for you. Isn’t that the way it should be? Being realistic, you can’t grow everything you need in an indoor garden, but you can at least grow the basic things that you use frequently instead of going to the store to buy the processed version.

How To Start An Indoor Garden
When To Plant Your Seeds

Always try to make sure that you are using natural seeds and not GMO (Genetically Modified) seeds because they have been stripped of most of the nutrients which are fully present in natural seeds as they were originally meant to be. Heirloom seeds are all natural seeds so always opt for them instead when you buy seeds for planting.

A good time to plant your seeds is during early spring so that by summer you will have healthy and fresh vegetables ready to be eaten. Buying seeds online gives you access to a wider variety of seeds to choose from because you can only find the more popular vegetables at the local store, but you can always find more exotic options which you might want to try online.

What To Plant Seeds In

Now that you are ready to plant your seeds indoors the most convenient containers that you can use could be used up butter containers, yoghurt or pretty much any spare plastic container will work. Fill it with soil and place your seeds about 1 inch below the surface.

Always make sure that you place the container in a warm location with good lighting, it could be sunlight or any artificial light source. If you wish to transplant them outdoors later on you can, but you should make sure that it is during a warm season so that the plant can easily adjust to the change of location.

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