How To Start A Compost Pile

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Compost is very important for gardening soil because it provides numerous benefits to the soil such as improving the structure by retaining sufficient amount of water and thus providing much needed nutrition to the plants. So what exactly is compost? It is basically living material which has been broken down and decomposed by the combined contribution of air, water and the numerous micro organisms living in the soil. Some of he well known creatures are the beetles, bugs, earthworm etc. The soil which is rich in compost is considered to be a highly nutritious soil for the plants

How to start a compost bin

To make a compost pile you will need a bin or large container of some sort with a lid, and you can easily find one at the nearest home supply or hardware shop. The necessary equipments for building the compost pile are the concrete blocks, wire, wood, pallet and a big garbage bin which has holes in bottom. You must make sure the bin can permit the excess water to escape the compost .The bin must be placed in a shady area

The bin is used to produce the compost pile and then store it .Many states have also mandatory laws of keeping compost only in a compost bin. This will help in maintaining neatness and also hygienic environment in your neighborhood.

How to start a compost pile

Once you have collected the compost product materials you can now make the pile. Once the pile is made – dampen it in order to encourage the decomposing process. Make sure to chop every element into small pieces. You make use of a shovel to mix the compost ingredients. Also make tiny holes in the bin to ensure proper flow of oxygen

The pile has to be added in layers, so the bottom-most layer should be composed of coarse material to ensure that oxygen passes through easily. The next layer can be of brown and the green matter – like leaves. The brown part is of the wooden chips, leaves, paper towels, coffee filter and saw dust. The greener segment comprises of the green leafy vegetables and fruit waste. You can also add some tea bags, grass etc. You must add a layer of soil after each layer to ensure effective compositing process

Then you can fluff the pile by using a tool like a hoe. You must fling the entire composition to ensure proper mixture. By making your own composite pile you can save a major part of your budget which is required for gardening.

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