Fish Emulsion Fertilizer – How to make Fish Fertilizer

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fish emulsion fertilizer

The fish emulsion fertilizer is considered to be the most powerful fertilizer obtained organically .This is an excellent plant food which provides instant boost of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen to the plants. The fish emulsion fertilizer has a typical aroma mainly because of the ingredients it is made up of. Since it is manufactured from the remains of the fish therefore it has high nutrition value for as fertilizer.

The fish emulsion fertilizer is mainly manufactured in the fish meal industry from byproducts of the fish. The waste of the fish is subjected to intense heating process till the bones and the muscles are soft and tender. They are mainly cooked in oven. They are safe and effective fertilizers and are very useful for tomato plants .It is essential to dilute the fertilizer prior to applying it .The foul odor will linger for a day or two but will not affect the tomato plant or the taste of the tomatoes.

You must be wondering as how to make it at home. Well it is very simple.
The process begins by adding the fresh pats of the fishes and then blends them with hot water and then emulsifies it. It is better to avoid the canned fishes since them contain preservatives which may spoil the property of the fertilizer.

Arrange for a huge bucket (5 gallon) and then add straw, dried leaves, newspaper, grass, and some sawdust. These will absorb the foul smell of the fish emulsion fertilizer. You can also add some molasses in the bucket as well. This will control the smell and will enhance the process by building up the microbes which in turn will speed the process.

You can also add some seaweed in the container. However this is not mandatory. Then add some Epsom salt .Now place the lid and make sure to stir the emulsion at least twice regularly. The concoction has to remain unmoved for the next 15 days
Once the fish emulsion fertilizer is ready you can add them to the plants in a ratio of 1:5.You can also spray it on the leaves as it also acts as a foliage fertilizer.

The organic fertilizer helps in improving the quality of the soil. The continuous use f the chemical fertilizer can make the soil infertile and the plants get highly dependent on the synthetic fertilizer .More over you also observe the difference between the qualities of vegetables once you start using the organic fertilizers.

The organic fertilizer contributes to the betterment of the micro bacterial activity thus creating a better environment for the growth of the plants .The organic fertilizer also plays a crucial role by maintaining proper balance between the plant and the soil.
The continuous use of organic fertilizer will ensure better quality of the soil by a consistent yet slow flow of valuable nutrients for the plant.

The garden fertilizer can also be made of natural products. Since you want the soil to retain its quality for a considerable period of time .The flowers and vegetables responds to the natural garden fertilizers and are of better quality than those grown with the assistant of synthetic fertilizer.

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