Cucumber Beetle – how to get rid of cucumber beetles

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cucumber beetle

The cucumber beetles are usually small yellow color bugs with long antennae in their front .They are about ¼’’ in length. Since these bugs have wings it is easy for them to move about from one plant to another. This is one of the reasons why controlling them can be tough.

In general there are 2 varieties of cucumber beetles. They are spotted and stripped. The spotted ones are usually yellowish green in color and have as many as 12 black small spots on the back. The stripped ones are yellowish orange texture and have tiny 3 distinct black stripes on the back. To identify and differentiate between these spotted and stripped cucumber bug is pretty confusing. One can easily misjudge a lady bug with the spotted ones .They are more or less identical – the only difference being the size of the antennae.

The reason why most of us try to control and get rid of this particular garden insects is because they feed on soft and small leaves .They also target the stems of some vegetable plant such as the squash, cucumber, pumpkin etc. One of the greatest danger of encouraging the growth of these beetle is they can spread the mosaic virus on those plants they feed on. This virus is responsible for yellowing and wilting of the leaves and finally causing death to the plants. Those plants with the mosaic virus can be bitter in taste or may grow disfigured.

How to get rid of Cucumber beetles?
If you take appropriate step then you can successfully remove the insects to the extent of eliminating them .It is very important that you monitor the plants almost every day and especially during the peak season. If you monitor the plants regularly then you can detect the growth more easily.

The mature plants can usually handle the beetles without any major problems. But in case they begin to feed on the plants it can become serious and problematic. Since they can be stubborn to control – normal cleaning and trimming will not help in eliminating the bugs.

The best way to get rid of this beetle is by using the predators. The tachnid flies, soldier beetles, ground beetles, bracnoid wasp, entomopathogenic nematodes are the natural predators that can help you in eliminating the bugs.
You can also use the insecticides to control cucumber beetles. While using insecticides keep in mind not to harm the natural predators. This process requires numerous steps to ensure the destruction of the adult bugs as well as the egg. The best time to treat the plants with insecticides is during the evening. It is during this part of the day when these bugs are most active

You can also mulch the plant with the organic matters thus creating an environment which can attract the arthropods and various other natural and beneficial insects that can fight against the cucumber beetles. Bats also act as a great defense against the cucumber bettles and various other insects.
These natural predators usually attack the cucumber beetles and eat the small eggs and larvae thus destroying them from the very root.

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