Benefits Of Gardening – Why Do We Garden?

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There are many reasons why we decide to grow a garden. It could be for health reasons and adopting a healthier lifestyle when it comes to what we eat. For others it could be as a hobby, or it could be therapeutic and a way to relax the mind from daily stress.

All of these reasons are definitely valid and there is no down side to growing your own garden. You get to eat fresh foods without any of those possibly dangerous chemicals and preservatives which unnaturally extend the shelf life of food so that big companies can continue to make more money while we suffer from consuming harmful chemicals.


Aside from that, there is a feeling of accomplishment knowing that we are able to live and be self sufficient for food. In reality we are all able to provide our own food, but its quicker to just go out and buy from the store. Its a fact that we are missing out on some very helpful nourishment which nature provides to us all for free. Nature provides all the vitamins we need, everything that we need, but now we have been tricked into believing that we have to buy it in pill form, and this is very disturbing to me.

why do we gardenI believe that its time to get back to what has been working for us for centuries past. Cases of obesity is increasing due partly to the additives in our favorite processed foods. We need to go back to living a healthier lifestyle. Nature provides fresh air, food and vitamin D from the sun. Working with the soil brings us closer to this earth which is our home and we appreciate more what this world has given us. I believe that if more people knew this we wouldn’t be so quick to poison our own world with harmful chemicals and polution.

For those who are considering starting up a garden i want to encourage you to go ahead because it is a very rewarding experience in so many ways, and i wish you all happy gardening :)

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